He Wears the Pants


Original poem by Jack Palance included with this Giclee

He’s been harassed by “lady” hens

They’re all tired of sitting in the pens

Had it with laying eggs

“Please chickies, please, just one more time.”

Dear God! This rooster stands and looks sublime.

Then on the morrow, he alters his stance

And says “By God! Since I wear the pants

You’ll sit in the corner and lay lots of eggs

And I’ll please the first one that gets up and begs.

                                    -Jack Palance

Artist: Jack Palance

Size: 24×30

Medium: Giclee


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Product Description

Over the years, we had several pet roosters. Bandito was a very tame Cochin rooster, big, black and about 2 feet tall. Cochin roosters have very full feathers all down their legs and appear to have on pantaloons. One day when we were out by the barn, we noticed Walter, a beautiful red and orange rooster, had injured his leg, making it difficult to move around quickly. The other roosters and chickens were antagonizing and pecking at him. We were worried that he would really get beaten up if he went into the chicken house at night. Every evening, when the chickens headed to the hen house, we would pick Walter up and put him in a big clothes hamper on the enclosed porch of our house and drape a blanket over so it would be dark and safe. We had a built-in alarm clock, whether we needed one or not. Walter lived quite a long and (we think) happy life as an indoor-outdoor rooster. He was such a pet, everyone who came to visit got the chance to be up close with a very special rooster!! This painting is Walter at his most famous.