Golden Fishing Hole


Original poem by Jack Palance included with this Giclee

The sky is a golden glow reflected on the water.

A man sits catching fish, tho he knows he hadn’t oughter.

The tree is a mess, but then I guess,

So are we, me and my mudder and fodder.

But back to the breathtaking golden glow,

The memory will last forever.

The green and the greener has its own demeanor

And the glow will perish never.

                               -Jack Palance

Artist: Jack Palance

Size: 30×40

Medium: Giclee


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Product Description

This painting always makes me giggle. Of course, the setting is idyllic, almost mystical, with the sun shining down on the special Fishing Hole, promising a good catch. The thing is, Jack WOULD NOT fish!! He couldn’t stand the thought of catching and  killing a fish. Once, when we were in Mexia, Texas, visiting my Aunt Louise and Uncle Pat,mwe went out on Lake Mexia, thinking we would catch dinner. Little did we know, while we were up at the front of the boat,mJack was at the back, secretly throwing all the live bait back into the lake!! Needless to say, we returned to the house and had a dinner that did not include fresh fish!!