2004 Back When We Were Grownups (TV movie) – Paul ‘Poppy’ Davitch

2002 Living with the Dead (TV movie) – Allan Van Praagh

2001 Prancer Returns (video) – Old Man Richards

2001 Night Visions (TV series) – Jake Jennings

2001 Bitter Harvest – Jake Jennings

2001 Treasure IslandLong John Silver

1999 Sarah, Plain and Tall: Winter’s End (TV movie) – John Witting

1998 Ebenezer (TV movie) – Ebenezer Scrooge

1998 The Incredible Adventures of Marco Polo on His Journeys to the Ends of the EarthBeelzebub

1997 I’ll Be Home for Christmas (TV movie) – Bob

1995 Buffalo Girls (TV movie) Bartle Bone

1994 The Swan PrincessLord Rothbart (voice)

1994 City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly’s GoldDuke Washburn

1994 Twilight Zone: Rod Serling’s Lost Classics (TV movie) – Dr. Jeremy Wheaton (segment “Where the Dead Are”)

1994 Cops and Robbersons Jake Stone

1993 Cyborg 2 (video) – Mercy
1992 Keep the Change (TV movie) – Overstreet

1992 Eli’s LessonOld Pilot

1991 City SlickersCurly

1991 Horror of the Humongous Hungry Hungan (video) – Opening Narration (voice)

1990 Solar CrisisTravis

1989 Tango & CashYves Perret

1989 BatmanCarl Grissom

1989 Gor IIXenos

1988 Young GunsLawrence G. Murphy

1987 Bagdad CafeRudi Cox

1987 GorXenos

1982 Alone in the DarkFrank Hawkes

1981 Tales of the Haunted (TV movie) – Stokes

1980 Hawk the SlayerVoltan

1980 Without WarningJoe Taylor

1980 The Golden Moment: An Olympic Love Story (TV movie) – Whitey Robinson

1980 The Ivory Ape (TV movie) – Marc Kazarian

1979 The Last Ride of the Dalton Gang (TV movie) – Will Smith

1979 Cocaine CowboysRaphael

1979 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (TV series) – Kaleel

1979 Planet of the Slave Girls (1979) – Kaleel

1979 Portrait of a HitmanJim Buck

1979 The Shape of Things to ComeOmus

1979 Angels’ BrigadeMike Farrell

1978 The One Man JuryLieutenant Wade

1977 Welcome to Blood CityFrendlander

1977 Diamante LoboSam Clayton

1976 Sangue di sbirroDuke

1976 Rulers of the CityScarface Manzari

1976 Eva neraJudas Carmichael

1975-1976 Bronk (TV series) – Lt. Alex Bronkov / Det. Lt. Alex ‘Bronk’ Bronkov

1976 The Cop in Blue JeansNorman Shelley/Richard J. Russo

1976 Africa ExpressRobert Preston/Willaim Hunter

1976 Safari Expressvan Daalen

1976 The Four DeucesVic Morono, the Boss

1975 The Sensuous NurseMr. Kitch

1975 Il richiamo del lupoWilliam Bates

1975 The Hatfields and the McCoys (TV movie) – Devil Anse Hatfield

1974 The Godchild (TV movie) – Rourke

1974 CrazeNeal Mottram

1974 Bram Stoker’s Dracula (TV movie) – Dracula

1973 Oklahoma CrudeHellman

1973 Blu Gang e vissero per sempre felici e ammazzatiHillman

1972 Father JacklegBuck Santini

1972 Chato’s LandCapt. Quincey Whitmore

1972 Si può fare… amigoSonny Bronston

1972 And So EndsNarrator

1971 The Horsemen Tursen

1971 NET Playhouse (TV series) – President Andrew Jackson

1970 CompanerosJohn

1970 Monte WalshChet Rollins

1970 The McMastersKolby

1969 Battle of the CommandosCol. Charley MacPherson

1969 Che!Fidel Castro

1969 Deadly SanctuaryAntonin

1969 A Bullet for RommelMajor John Heston

1969 The DesperadosParson Josiah Galt

1968 They Came to Rob Las VegasDouglas

1968 A Professional GunRicciolo (‘Curly’)

1968 Madigan’s MillionsMatteo Cirini (voice: English version) (uncredited)

1968 The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (TV movie) – Dr. Henry Jekyll / Mr. Edward Hyde

1967 Kill a DragonRick Masters

1967 Torture GardenRonald Wyatt (segment 4 “The Man Who Collected Poe”)

1966 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (TV series) Louis Strago

1966 Alice Through the Looking Glass (TV movie) – Jabberwock

1966 The ProfessionalsJesus Raza

1966 Run for Your Life (TV series) – Julian Hays

1965 Convoy (TV series) – Harvey Bell

1965 Once a ThiefWalter Pedak

1963-1964 – The Greatest Show on Earth (TV series) – Johnny Slate

1963 ContemptJeremy Prokosch

1962 La guerra continuaJack

1962 Night Train to MilanHerr Bauer/Schneider

1961 BarabbasTorvald

1961 The Last JudgmentMatteoni

1961 The MongolsOgatai

1961 Sword of the ConquerorAlboino

1960 The BarbariansRevak

1960 The Battle of AusterlitzGeneral Weirother

1960 Treno di Natale

1959 Beyond All LimitsJim Gatsby

1959 Ten Seconds to HellEric Koertner

1958 The Man InsideMilo March

1957 House of NumbersArnie Judlow/Bill Judlow

1956-1957 Playhouse 90 (TV series) – Harlan ‘Mountain’ McClintock / Manolete / Monroe Stahr

1957 The Lonely ManJacob Wade

1956 Zane Grey Theater (TV series) – Dan Morgan

1956 AttackLt. Joe Costa, Fox Co.

1955 I Died a Thousand TimesRoy Earle / Roy Collins

1955 Kiss of FireEl Tigre

1955 The Big KnifeCharles Castle

1954 The Silver ChaliceSimon The Magician

1954 Sign of the PaganAttila

1953 Man in the AtticSlade

1953 Suspense (TV series) – Tom Walker

1953 The Motorola Television Hour (TV series) – Kurt Bauman / Scott Malone

1953 Flight to TangierGil Walker, Pilot

1953 ArrowheadToriano

1953 Second ChanceCappy Gordon

1953 ShaneJack Wilson (as Walter Jack Palance)

1953 The Web (TV series
1953 Danger (TV series

1952 The Gulf Playhouse (TV series

1951-1952 Studio One in Hollywood (TV series

1952 Sudden FearLester Blaine
1952 Curtain Call (TV series)

1950 Halls of MontezumaPigeon Lane (as Walter {Jack} Palance)

1950 Panic in the StreetsBlackie (as Walter Jack Palance)

1950 Lights Out (TV series)

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